Information for YHQG guild members

Enter your quilt in the Show

One of the perks of being a YHQG member is the opportunity, once every three years, to show off your creations in a public setting. Don’t be shy! Visitors to our past shows have remarked on the tremendous diversity of quilts on display … wouldn’t it be boring if we all produced identical quilts? We are a community of quilters ranging from beginners to international award winners; from traditional to modern, and everything in between. Our show needs to reflect that! If you have given away your quilts (many of us do) just ask to borrow them back temporarily to hang in the show.

You may enter up to three quilts of quilted items as long as they haven’t been displayed at a previous YHQG show. Just let us know which is your first, second and third choice, as we may be in a situation where there are so many entries we’ll have to reduce the number displayed. Note: each quilt requires a separate entry form.

Quilts must be delivered to Toronto Botanical Garden between 9:00 and 10:30 AM on Thursday, November 10. You will receive a pink receipt which you will need in order to reclaim your item(s) on Saturday, November 12 from 6:00 to 7:00 PM. Entries (except for dolls, wearables etc.) need a sleeve for display purposes and a label showing the name of the maker and the quilt title.

All Quilts entered into the show must have a 4″ sleeve attached to the back of the quilt for hanging the quilt. Instructions for making such a sleeve (temporary or permanent sleeve) are detailed below.

Quilt Sleeve Instructions

Directions for 4” Permanent Sleeve

This sleeve is applied at the same time as the binding. Cut a strip of fabric 8 1⁄2” wide and about 2” shorter than the width of your quilt. For example, a 70” strip for a quilt that is 72” wide. Hem the ends and fold the strip in half, lengthwise, with right sides out. Place raw edges of the sleeve along the unfinished top edge of the quilt and pin to the quilt back, as you’re pinning the binding to the quilt front. Stitch through all the layers. Blind stitch the binding over the stitching line on the quilt back, then blind stitch the bottom, folded edge of the sleeve to the quilt.

Directions for 4” Temporary Sleeve

With this method, you apply the sleeve after the binding has been finished. Cut a strip of fabric 8 1⁄2” wide and 2” shorter than the width of the quilt. Hem the ends and sew into a tube. Turn right side out. Hand stitch one edge of the sleeve just below the binding. Leave a bit of slack when sewing the other edge.

Guild Members’ Shop

Any member who has a quilt hanging in the show can sell items in the gift shop (just in time for holiday gift shopping!). You set the selling price and the Guild retains a 15% commission on each item sold. Your assistance in volunteering to work in the shop for at least one shift during the show is appreciated.

Note that items for sale are expected to be quilts or quilt related

The shop is organized into the following categories:

Shop “Department”: Baby – Kitchen – Holiday

Quilted Items: baby quilts, wall hangings (<30″x40″), lap-size quilts*, table runners, placements, postcards, etc.

Non-Quilted Items: receiving blankets, bibs, aprons, oven mitts, tree ornaments, gift stockings/bags etc.

*larger quilts should be displayed in the Show and marked “for sale” with price indicated. If purchased, the transaction will be handled through the shop.

Important dates: Tuesday Nov. 1 – Last day to submit inventory sheet(s)
Thursday Nov. 10; 10 am – 12 noon – deliver items to the shop
Saturday Nov 12.; 5:30 – 6:30 pm – pick up unsold items


  1. Confirm participation by requesting a unique seller ID so we know who owns what (needed for payment and return of unsold items). Email your request to and type “shop” in the subject line (don’t assume your code is your initials as another person may have the same initials).
  2. Print the Item Tag sheet (click here to download the document). Complete an item tag for each item you want to sell. Each tag requires 3 pieces of information:

    a. Your unique seller ID followed by a 3-digit inventory number
    b. The item price
    c. The 3-digit inventory #

    When the information is filled out, cut out the tag and attach to the item with a SAFETY PIN or string (do not staple or use straight pins!)

e.g. Sunbonnet Sue’s inventory tag for the first item

  1. Complete the Inventory Sheet (click here to download the document). All your items must be listed on this sheet, including the inventory #, a short description and the price. The inventory sheet must be completed using this Word template. Hand-written inventory sheets WILL NOT be accepted. E-mail the completed Inventory Sheet in .docx format to by Tuesday Nov. 1, 2022 (type “shop” in the subject line).
  1. Bring your tagged items and a printed copy of your inventory sheet to the Shop on Thursday Nov. 10 between 10 am – 12 noon. The shop is located in a room on the main floor, opposite the auditorium. You will need to take away any bags/boxes used to transport your items as there is limited storage space in the shop.
  2. Pick up any unsold items at the shop on Saturday Nov. 12 between 5:30 – 6:30 pm.
  3. Your initial sales, less 15% will be deposited into your bank account via e-transfer within a few days after the show.

The Toronto Botanical Garden, the York Heritage Quilters’ Guild and the Shop volunteers are not responsible for lost or damaged items.

Pricing Tips:

  1. How much did it cost to make? Consider fabric, batting, embellishments, packaging materials (if applicable)
  2. How much time did it take to make?
  3. Is it unique? Is there something special e.g. fabric type, colour, embellishments, handwork, etc.
  4. For quilts, $0.07-$0.10 sq inch can be used as a starting point with accomodation for extra time for handwork, embellishments etc.
  5. Check on-line sites such as Etsy, Pininterest, One-of-A-Kind for comparable items.
  6. How is the item presented/packaged? Sometimes “dressing up” your item can give a “premium” look. (see notes under selling tips)

Selling Tips:

  1. Label your quilts – sew or fuse a label onto the back of your quilt with your name, quilt title and quilt size. Care and washing instructions are often requested.
  2. Bring in anything that will help to show off and sell your item. Do you have a nice wooden box, rack or basket for your items? (Remember to put your name on it in an inconspicuous spot.)
  3. Indicate the purpose for the item. For instance, stick a few pins or needles into a pincushion.
  4. Indicate whether your item is hand-pieced, hand-quilted or hand appliquéd.
  5. For sets of items, tie them up with an attractive ribbon!
  6. Complete your item. Note cards should have envelopes, framed items should have hangers attached and wall quilts should have a 4″ sleeve sewn to the back top edge.
  7. Don’t forget the details. Make your items more special to the buyer. You can create a decorative tag with “made by” info, washing instructions, list of contents, note on original design (buyers like to know if they are getting a one-of-a-kind item!). For copyright protection, give credit to the pattern designer.

We want to make your participation in the Guild’s Shop to be fun! If you have any questions, contact: (type “shop” in the subject line).

Good Selling!

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If you wish to sign up for any of the volunteer positions for the Quilt Show please email . Indicate in the email when you are available. Job descriptions are outlined below.

Job Descriptions for Volunteers during the Quilt Show

Receiving Quilts
Quilt intake and registration:
Sit-down position
Document the quilt(s) received and provide receipt for the quilt
Quilt delivery to hanging area:
Fold the quilt and walk it to the hanging area

Hanging Quilts
Volunteers will be separated in groups of 4. Two people to hang the quilts from the ladder, and two people to hand the quilts to the people hanging the quilts.

Facilities & Vendors
The coordinator(s) will measure off and tape the vendor booth spaces the day before the show opens.
The volunteers on set-up day will be provided with a scheduled of expected arrival times of vendors, their locations, those who need to use the elevator, wifi passwords, carts that fit into the elevators, supervise elevator use (and assist so doors aren’t jammed).  Volunteers will accompany vendors to their assigned areas and ensure that the taped boundaries are respected and that their booths do not interfere with another vendor’s area.  Volunteers don’t move vendor’s equipment or assist in booth set-up.
The volunteers on show days, do regular rounds of vendors to provide bathroom breaks and (short) food breaks.  Volunteers will not be helping to sell merchandise or provide long breaks.

Featured Artists:
These volunteers should be outgoing and be able to greet audience members and help get them seated and they may be called on to introduce the speakers and help with Q & A  after. They may also be asked to help with white glove duties and straightening up the chairs at the end of the session.  
Volunteer Desk Assistant:
One hour positions to check in the volunteers and provide them with instructions.

Front Door and Ticket Sales
Greet visitors as they come to the show.  Take advance tickets or collect payment for entry.  Give out show programs and viewers’ choice ballots.  Ensure proof of parking is given to customers and provide instructions to place on dash. This is a sit-down job!

Gift Shop
Assist in keeping displays tidy and stocked
Assist customers and answer questions
Operate square payment device (if trained to do so)
Assist shop co-ordinator to process sales by collecting inventory tag and bagging the merchandise

Toonie Sale
This is a sit-down position, behind a small table.
Need to be comfortable in handling cash and square (will be trained) for debit and credit.
Will distributing the tickets and record the purchaser’s information.
May be asked to help change prize lots on tables.
May be asked to hep pick winning numbers and list on white board.
Be prepared to wear a mask during your entire shift.

White Gloves Hosts
White gloves are picked-up at Volunteer Check-In desk. You are to circulate in the show and offer to show people the back of a quilt or hold it up so someone can inspect it closely and monitor the room. Please discourage handling quilts without gloves, as only the White Gloves Hosts will have gloves. One White Glove Host will be at the door at all times to monitor hand stamps and to remind people not to touch the quilts. 🙂

An extra person on hand who is willing to fill in where needed during the time of their shift. Must be flexible to do stand up, walking or sit down jobs.

Quilt Take Down
When the quilts are taken down at 5:00 they are taken to designated tables so that they can be returned to the members. In teams of 4, two people will be on ladders, and two will be folding quilts and carrying them to the dispersal table.

Quilt Dispersal
Seated position. Ensure quilts are properly folded, and carefully checking against the receipt, return the quilt to the correct guild member.

Quilter’s Journey Passport:
The purpose of the passports is to have attendees go to all the areas of the show, get stamps on their passports and then enter the completed passport into a drum/box for one or two daily draws depending on how many we receive from vendors/donation. These daily draws will replace Door Prizes.
The volunteers who will be stamping the passports at 7 different locations, and can also act as ambassadors, giving directions to various locations and events.

Quilt Show Committee

Planning and organizing is well underway to make this the best show ever! A team of 15 members is working on all the plans and details for the November 11 and 12, 2022 show at Toronto Botanical Gardens. The team and their portfolios are as follows:

  • Anne M. – Financial, Lottery License and Vendors
  • Leslie B. – Quilt intake and return
  • Irena H. – Show hanging/takedown
  • Leslie B. – Front door/ticket sales
  • Janet P. – Marketing and promotion
  • Chriss C. – Social Media
  • Jan R. – Quilt entry
  • Beverley S. – Toonie sale
  • Joy T. – Members’ gift shop
  • Wendy D. – Recognition of excellence
  • Brandie W. – Facility/Vendors
  • France B. – Volunteers
  • Lori D. – Recording Secretary
  • Heather B. – Guild President
  • Jane C. – Show Chair

Our thanks to all these dedicated volunteers. If you have questions or suggestions, please contact Jane Cramer at

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