Thank Goodness It’s Finished Challenge

24 Members submitted their finished quilts for this years challenge. Their artist statements and quilts are displayed below

France B.:

“Thank goodness this ‘Seasonings” project started in Spring 2018 is finished.  Completed four small seasonal hangings, quilted background with felt applique and embroidery around the edges. Now I can display each one during their respective seasons.  “

Leslie B.:

“Started this 14”x70” table runner on April 12, 2019. My initial enthusiasm was fueled by sewing along with others at Creative Festival.  Ongoing collection of yellow/gold/brown scraps then other projects became more interesting.  Plfeased to have finished this challenge!”

Jacintha B.:

“My quilt is called “Scrapbox” and was started a few years ago.  My challenge was to make a quilt out of a collection of orphan blocks that had accumulated over several years. I took out the blocks a few times to see what could be done with them but each time threw up my hands in frustration and packed them away again. This time I persevered and this 50” x 60” quilt was completed January 2022 and will be donated to Community Quilting.”

Shirley D.:

My “Yin and Yang” quilt is approximately 58” x 68” and was started in 2019.  The pattern is “Chic Country” by Sew Kind of Wonderful  As I started this shortly before the pandemic  hit, I had to use my stash fabric as everything was closed up.”

Wendy D.:

“I began this project in March 2018 to have a hand-sewing project while watching TV.  When it came to sewing the 2 inch squares together I hit a wall and stopped working on it.  The quilt finished at 63” x 75” with multi-coloured appliqued circles sewn onto squares of black on white. I am quite pleased with the finished  product.  There is a calming feeling that comes over me when I look at 

Lori D.:

Lori’s “Cooled Down Hot Mess” quilt started from a Tamara Kate workshop in 2019 called “Making a Traditional Block Modern”.  Her quilt finished at 55.5” x 66.5”.   Lori commented, “It was intended to be a modern take on a flying geese block quilt but it headed towards ending up as a drunkard’s path variation.”

Becky F.:

“Started in mid-2019 it turned out my worry about finishing the Sling Along Bag project was more overwhelming then the actual task!  There’s a zipper pocket on the front AND the back.  There are also two pockets on the front that are only enclosed by the buckle at the top.  Doing this challenge led to getting this long-ignored project into the “finished” pile!”

Susan G.:

“My Pandemic  Sanity Quilt” 51.5” x 66” began in a wonderful hexie workshop taught by Jeannie Jenkins in September 2019.  I actually wasn’t going to finish it because there were so many pieces to be cut but I am pleased with how it turned out.”

Irena H.:

My “Birthday Surprise!” quilt (for my sister) surprised me in many ways.  Started in August 2012 the original pillowcase portion of the quilt disappeared from the box so the finished 62” x 62” project was started 5 years ago.  While attempting to complete the design of the top, and I was going to make it complicated – nothing worked.  Finally I listened to the quilt and finished it using the same block that ma“de up the centre but in a smaller scale.”

Martha H.:

“This “98 x 98” queen-sized batiq quilt named “Strip Puzzle” was started in the Spring of 2018.  I created 8 ½” squares from my stash with dark strips (browns/blacks) and alternating light strips (tans/beiges).  Completed in 2022.”

Joanne L.:

“I’m pretty sure I purchased this “Plum Sweet” kit from Quilter’s Cupboard (Uxbridge) booth at Creative Festival (when it was held at the Metro Convention Centre).  What could be complicated about squares within squares!  Ha!  I completed this wall hanging with a combination of pieced and applique techniques – deciding on a wall placement to call home!”

Catherine L.:

“I was given this project by a friend who started downsizing and offered it to me.  It was an interesting project, at times a very frustrating one as well.  I found the quilt piece sizes were very tight and the instructions left a lot to be desired and I had to improvise.  I am glad I finished but will probably never make another Maxwell Bag!”

Gail L.:

“Merrily” Quilt 60” x 80” was purchased in 2017 and I was attracted to penguins because I was anticipating a trip to Antarctica in 2018.  I “borrowed” a couple of penguins to sew on to a jacket to wear on my trip.  The fabric and pattern hid in my cupboard.  I planned to join the blocks with some techniques I learned in our new Scraps and Scrapping group.”

Anne M.:

“My quilt-as-you-go Laura Ashley quilt dates from a class I took with Shirley Dawson at Fabric Spark in 2018.  Since then I’ve been pretty busy!  It finished at 40 x 48 inches.”

Honey M.:

“I love the bright blue fabrics and the prints and wanted to work with them.  The large triangle shape was made from leftovers.  Why did it become a UFO?  I couldn’t solve the challenge to my satisfaction so just left it.  The pieces leapt out at me during my reorganization of my stash.”

Janet P.:

Janet “won” 22 red-and-white blocks (Children’s Delight design” back in December 2003 via the Guild’s Block of the Month lottery.  The block design is called “Children’s Delight” and it was first published in 1897 by The Ladies Art Company “Nineteen years later, I assembled 20 of the blocks into a comfort quilt (45” x 60”).  In my fabric inventory I found a border fabric that tied all the reds together and a piece of backing fabric that suited as well.  Very satisfying to get this done!”

Mical P.:

“I started this project maybe in 2015.  I was teaching at a nursery school and that spring there were so many ladybugs everywhere….I was inspired to create a fabric collage from assorted fabrics finished with free motion quilting. This 12” x 36” wall hanging depicts a fun, rich and diverse garden of insects and flowers that I strive to see and promote wherever I go.  Gardening brings me joy as does sewing”.

Sylvia R.:

“I received a package of beautiful upholstery samples many years ago.  I discovered quilting and started to put them together but ran out of fabric.  I found that I have learned a lot since I joined York Heritage Quilters Guild and I am very happy to have finished it!”

Maria S.:

Maria started with three packages of 10 inch squares and purchased backing for her 70” x 70” “Memories of Japan” quilt.  She is pleased with her quilt and commented “now I have one more UFO done!” 

Joy t.:

“This “40 x 42 inch” quilt entitled ‘Blue and Yellow Revisited’ was started in a “Dear Jane” class likely in 1999.  My plan was to make an Attic Window quilt but I created four placemats and put it away.  In 2021 I completely took the blocks apart, removed the yellow frames and reset the blocks with neutral background colours and put it away unquilted.  It is now finished once and for all!”

Phoebe V.;

“I started this quilt at a Quilts at the Creek workshop about five years ago and hadn’t touched it since.  Some fabric may have been mislaid so I will have to adapt it!  Finished size will be approximately 62” x 77”.

Tella V.:

Tella went all-in on the last day of the Challenge to finish her quilt.  “I don’t know what came over me, I went on a blitz.  Thank you for the encouragement –  it feels so good that it’s not still a UFO in my closet!”

Donnaleen V.:

“There was a long process of getting this quilt together…Am I capable of making it?  What colours do I use?  Could I use scraps??  Yes!!  I first had to learn how to trace the patterns off paper onto left-over unbleached cotton….I found Liberty of London scraps that I had collected while working at CQ at Stan Wadlow over the years.  The outer borders of each square are from  the off-cuts from a shirt factory that was closing down…and our friend Lucy Garvin started “Scraps and Scrappy” last Fall and showed us for to paper piece strips.  I had the solution!  Leslie Batt helped out by increasing the availability of embroidery floss during the lockdown.  I hand quilted it, using Perle Cotton and large stitches.  Size is 41” x 54”.

Daryl W.:

“I began this 60” x 75” quilt in the summer of 2018 as a result of seeing a guest speaker on scrap quilts.  Each square was  1.5” unfinished.  These were then sewn into an 8×8 square block.  I eventually added an hour-glass block to each side of the squares.  I had enough squares to do two quilts!”