Past Quilt Shows

A CELEBRATION OF QUILTS XIV – November 11-12, 2022, Toronto Botanical Garden

Our guild members once again successfully held a two-day celebration of quilts, quilting, and fellowship.

We all owe the committee and board of directors a huge round of applause and gratitude for putting in hours of work, creative thinking, and collaborative team work. Also, there can’t be a show without volunteers and so many of you took part. Thank you!

Many of the elements of the show were the same as in 2017: a large display of quilts mostly in the main hall, but also distributed to other areas of the Toronto Botanical Garden (TBG); vendors in three locations; featured speakers in the TBG library; concurrent shows in various areas; the Guild Shop featuring our handiwork; the Toonie Sale (used to be the Loonie sale, but inflation hits everywhere!); and a café.

But there are refinements and improvements from show to show and this year’s was no different. There was a larger use of social media, advanced online ticket sales, larger use of “Square” for making purchases, direct links to our vendors’ websites, and a very useful printed program. This program included Viewer’s Choice voting, a show survey, and even more important, the Quilt Show Passport that was used to encourage our visitors to go to each part of the facility to get “stamped” and then be eligible for draw prizes. This passport (a bit of brilliance thought up by Jacintha B.) really went a long way to encouraging our visitors to explore the building and it pleased the vendors who saw more traffic in some of the more remote parts of the building.

We were fortunate to have received four $50 gift certificates from Len’s Mill Stores. The names were drawn from the returned Quilt Show passports and the winners are: Kim W., Heather F., Nancy R., and Sue G.

At our January guild meeting on Tuesday, January 17, the five Viewer’s Choice award winners were announced.

First Place: Marilyn B – Quilt: Who is hiding in the woods. Marilyn also won the Canadian Quilters Association Ribbon

Second Place: Tella V – Quilt: 21 Days in Ibiza

Third Place: Heather B. – Quilt: Is it Finished Yet?

Fourth Place: Ann H. – Quilt: Global Warming

Fifth Place: Theresa M. – Quilt: Birth Flowers

Here are some other stats:

  • Visitors – 1200
  • Toonie Sale tickets sold – 1096
  • Guild shop participants – 15
  • Vendor booths – 16
  • Volunteers – 78
  • Volunteer hours – countless
  • Number of quilts/quilted items displayed – 201
  • Number of postcards printed and distrib- uted – 6,000
  • Social media – 2.5K views on the YHQG Facebook page in the week leading up to the show and many, many more in the months leading up to the show

We strongly encourage you to consider taking part on the next show committee. Each new group brings lots of fresh ideas and improved practices and keeps our show a welcoming destination for quilters around the GTA and farther. It’s a great way to “give back” to the guild and meet/work with other enthusiasts.

A CELEBRATION OF QUILTS XIII – November 10-11 2017, Toronto Botanical Garden

First and foremost, thanks to all guild members who entered quilts and/or attended our guild’s 13th Celebration of Quilts. We would all like to give a special thank you to the Quilt Show Committee for a job well done.

L to R: Fran Auty, Judy Messenger, Chystle Stucky, France Barrette, Bev Sturgeon, Jane Cramer, Valerie Prideaux and Shirley Dawson.  (Missing: Maria Steventon, Lynne Lee and Linda Van Lierde)

We have all kinds of winners to announce. First the winners of the raffle quilts:
The winner of the large hand-pieced, hand-quilted grandmother’s flower garden quilt was Michael Lane of Toronto (photo below):

The winner of the small elephant quilt was Chaya Erez of Thornhill.

And here are the top 11 (one tie) Viewer’s Choice winners:

First Place, and winner of the CQA rosette:  June Basu Roy with her quilt:  Folk-Tails

Second Place: Marilyn Barker with A Few of My Favourite Flowers

3rd Place: Linda Simpson with Haida Spirit

4th Place: Helen Fujiki with The Wet Spring of 2017

5th Place: Janet McGoey with Words, Words, Words

6th Place: Ann C. Hawkins with Bill and Coo

7th Place: Roxanna Kantarjian with Gems in Granite 1

8th Place: Ann Sutherland with Amber’s Animals

9th PLace: Peter Byrne with Pineapple Surprise

Tied for 10th Place: Kirsten Johnston with Rose Windows

Tied for 10th Place: Jeannie Jenkins with Fireworks

And of course we could not hold this show without the participation of our vendors- a big thanks from all of us at YHQG!
Grantham Books
Sew Little Time
The Cotton Harvest Quilt Shop
Fabric Please!
Meerkat Trading
X’s and Oh’s
Kalidoscope of Quilts
Kawartha Quilting Systems
Border Creek Station Pattern Co.
Kallisti Quilts
Country Clothesline
Fabric Spark
Appleseed Quiltworks
Canadian National Fabric
The Quilted Ruby
Bead FX
Eweknit / Fabric Works
The Quilt Store

Photos from the 2017 show have been posted online here. Apologies in advance if your quilt was not photographed!

A CELEBRATION OF QUILTS XII – November 14-15 2014, Toronto Botanical Gardens

The show is over and was a terrific event. Hundreds of quilts, good food and lots of vendors! Our sincere thanks go out to all the volunteers who generously gave their time and effort to make the show such a resounding success!

Here are the viewer’s choice photos from our YHQG Celebration of Quilts quilt show.

Photos from the 2011 show have been posted online here. Take a trip down memory lane!

QUILTS AT THE CREEK –  Black Creek Pioneer Village

A number of YHQG members have been the driving force behind Quilts at the Creek- an outdoor quilt show held at Black Creek Pioneer Village. This year show has been running since 2012, and currently there are approximately 300 quilts shown throughout the park. Photos from each year can be see on their website Quilts at the Creek. If you haven’t participated yet, what are you waiting for? Seeing all those quilts blowing in the breeze are so exciting- liberate your quilts for a weekend!

For more information, please visit