March Guild Meeting – March 16th at 7:00pm via Zoom

March has arrived, and it’s nearly time for our meeting! The meeting will take place on Tuesday, March 16, with virtual doors opening at 6:30. The meeting begins at 7:00.

The speaker for this evening is Sandra Johnson, whose topic is “Denim Quilt”. Sandra will take us through her quilting journey showing us over 20 quilts – many using repurposed denim clothes and fabric. Many of her quilts are hand quilted using her big stitch method.

We’ll also be practicing a new way to use breakout rooms, to prepare you all for the upcoming International Quilting Day event, on March 20th, and we’ll give you some more information about what will be going on that day. Make sure your Zoom account is up to date before Tuesday’s meeting!

Royal City Quilters Guild, our co-host for International Quilting Day, has produced a great new Zoom Instruction video. While it contains much of the information you already know about using Zoom as a participant, it also starts with instructions on how to update your Zoom account (you should do that at least once a month, right before any guild meetings you’re going to), and contains information about how to use the updated breakout room feature that we’ll be using on International Quilting Day. Here’s the link:

Watch Lindsay’s new tutorial including info on breakout rooms!

For more information about updating your Zoom account, click this link:

Update your Zoom client

Send in your Show and Share photos to and put “Show and Share – Submission from (your name)” in the subject line. We want to celebrate all of your work, whether you consider yourself to be an expert or not, so keep those photos coming in!

The zoom link has been emailed to all guild members.

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February Guild Meeting via Zoom

February 16, 2021 at 7:00pm – Peter Byrne: My Journey into Quilting

Peter is an award-winning modern quilter and teacher with a deep passion for innovation and design. He loves making quilts and teaching others to quilt. He is known for taking a fresh approach to quilt construction and design, combined with technical mastery.

Not a member, but want to attend Peter’s lecture? Buy a guest pass at least 24 hours prior to the meeting, at

After you buy your pass, notify our president at so the link to the meeting can be sent to you.

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Celebrate International Quilting Day 2021

Who says we can’t have a little fun during a provincial “Stay at Home” order during a global pandemic? Your guild is partnering with Royal City Quilters’ Guild, located in Guelph, to offer you a day of fun, fellowship and fabric fondling to recognize International Quilting Day – Saturday, March 20. This virtual celebration will include a wide range of quilt-related presentations, demonstrations, mini workshops, a quilt show, prize draws and multiple breakout rooms dedicated to sewing and socializing. There will be something for everyone, and it’s all free of charge for the members of the two host guilds. If you know a non-member who would like to attend, they’re welcome to join us for a fee of $20.

Please register at

We’ll be sharing more details about the day’s activities in the coming weeks.

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It Was a Great Party!

What a great party we had on Tuesday!

Over eighty people attended! Over twenty prizes were won! There were some amazing holiday outfits. There were some great non-traditional tool demonstrations. And who will ever forget the copulating skeleton fabric?

Thanks to France B., Chriss C., Susan G., Edna K., Shelley K., Deb L. (filmmaker extraordinaire!), Janet P., Irena H. and Jane S. for putting together an entertaining evening of activities (and I’ll even take a little credit for putting a couple of power points together! Even Luddites can learn!), and to Leslie B., for acting as our last minute reviewer.

One of the best things, though, as several people have mentioned, was the opportunity to go into a number of breakout rooms, seeing old friends and meeting new ones.

We know that lots of you weren’t able to attend. We didn’t record the evening, as it was meant to be purely a social event, but we did run recordings during the event, so we passed the links along to members in an email message, as a little party favour. Even those of us who were there will likely be glad to watch them again! I can’t thank Deb L. enough for adding sound and music and special effects to these videos; they’re incredible.

I think I can safely say that the Tech Team and the Guild as a whole have come a long way, baby, since we started this virtual journey together back in June. Thanks to everyone who has helped and supported us along the way.

On behalf of the Guild, I’d like to wish everyone a safe, healthy and happy Hannukah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, whatever you may celebrate at this time of year, and a very Happy New Year! Here’s to 2021 and the coming of the vaccines!

Stay well!

Anne M., YHQG President

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Tomorrow evening, YHQG will be hosting the first ever YHQG “December Holiday Happening” on Zoom. Zoom invitations have been sent to all members (Zoom doors will open at 6:30pm)

Please bring to the party:

  • A piece of fabric (any size) or any other fabric that makes you wonder why you bought it
  • An unusual, non-traditional, tool that you use in quilting
  • Your own special holiday drink and snacks
  • Some paper and a pen/pencil

Please wear to the party:

  • Your own special holiday outfit (elegant, funny, ugly, whatever you’d like!).

Technical Details:

We’re going to have lots of games and contests, so we’d like you to be comfortable using the chat feature of Zoom. We’ll run the Zoom education video at 6:45, to help remind you of how it works. If you want to practice at home, here’s the link to the video:  YHQG Zoom Orientation Video 

If you have the option, we encourage you to use your computer to join the meeting, as you’ll have access to more Zoom features on a computer than you will on a tablet or phone. But, if all you have is a tablet or phone or a telephone line, we still want you to join in. Come whatever way works for you!

This is (we hope!) a once in a lifetime event, open to members only! Be one of the people who will be able to say “I remember when…”
Looking forward to seeing you there!

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Special YHQG December Meeting Planning

At our November meeting, we announced that York Heritage Quilters Guild will be having a December Get-Together on Tuesday, December 15, at 7:00 p.m.. 

We’ve been working away at organizing this event, and need a few more members to help us create a fun evening. 

We are looking for 2 co-chairs to fill each of these two positions:

Activity Coordinator:  (two positions to fill) list of possible activities will be provided (we don’t want to give any hints right now as it will ruin the surprise).

Games Coordinator:  (one position to fill) list of possible games will be provided (we don’t want to give any hints right now as it will ruin the surprise).

There will be lots of support from the organizing team to help you plan your segments, and lots of suggestions will be provided.

We would also like to know if anyone is interested in helping to plan the event, but not hold a position on the Planning Committee.

The other positions on the Committee that are already filled are:
Games Coordinator: Deb L.
Chat Room Coordinator:  Shelley K.

Show and Share Coordinator:  Irena H.
Tech Coordinator:  Chriss C.
Prize Coordinator:  Anne McL.
General volunteers:  Jane S. 
Admitting: Shelley K.

The Planning Committee members will meet on Zoom this Thursday at 7:00 p.m. Invitations will be sent out to volunteers some time tomorrow or Thursday morning.

If you’re interested in volunteering, or have questions about particular positions, please contact France B. or Susan G. or email
Let’s make this an evening to remember!

France and Susan

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Congratulations to the winners of the “40 and Fabulous” Challenge

The winners of the “40 and Fabulous” challenge to celebrate the guild’s 40th anniversary were announced at the recent Zoom guild meeting on October 20th. The results were originally planned to be displayed and voted on in person during the May 2020 guild meeting but the Covid-19 Pandemic delayed and changed the way things were done. Photos of the entries were posted on the guild website, Facebook and Instagram pages and members emailed their top 5 choices to the guild president. The top 5 winners were to receive a cash prize and some fabric fat quarters. When the votes were tabulated, there was a tie for 5th place so a “run-off” poll was voted on during the October Zoom meeting. The top 5 blocks will be made into a banner for the membership table at guild meetings when we can meet in person again, but the table size doesn’t allow for a 6th block to be used for the banner. The fifth and sixth winners will share the cash and fabric prize for 5th place. Remaining blocks will be used by the Community Quilting group to make donation quilts.

The winners are:

#1 – Sylvia R. (Entry #18)

#2 – June B. R. (Entry #3)

#3 – Susan G. (Entry #22)

#4 – Janet P. (Entry #12)

#5 – Katie P. (Entry # 26)

$6 – Joanne H. S. (Entry #25)

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Judy Martin is the Guest Speaker on October 20

In her lecture “My Awakened Heart”, Judy will speak about her personal journey to self-awareness through her work with hand stitch and natural dyes.   Her needle is her companion as she journeys towards her own inner softness.   The world continues to come to grips with several crises in 2020, and all of us are stressed, fearful, and overwhelmed.  In her October lecture, Judy will illustrate one of her strong beliefs:  Making is Healing.  Beginning with images from early March 2020, and moving through the spring and summer the artist will show how some of her projects developed and how through making them, she was helped through this emotional time of great change. 

One of the pieces in the lecture is Judy’s quilt “Prayer to the Sky”, that has been accepted into “Quilt National 2021”, opening May 2021. 

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2019 – 2020 President’s Challenge – 40 and Fabulous!

The blocks are all numbered and posted on our website, our Facebook page, and our Instagram account. The photos are posted on the “Display and Competition” page on this website.
Now you have until midnight October 10 to vote for your five favourites. Once you’ve chosen your five favourites, send an email listing the number of each of the five blocks you’ve selected to The winners will be announced at the October Guild meeting.
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September Guild Meeting

It’s time for our September Guild meeting!

We’ve practiced Zooming and Show and Share, and have had an opportunity to join with a presentation with another Guild. Now it’s time for our first regular virtual Guild meeting!

The Zoom co-ordinates have been sent to members via email.

The meeting starts on Tuesday, September 15, 2020 at 7:00 p.m. Doors open at 6:30 p.m.

Prior to joining the meeting, we ask that you turn off any computer notifications you have (on your email account, for example) so we won’t have dinging and donging going on during the meeting.

You may invite a guest to join this meeting at no charge to the guest; simply forward a copy of the Zoom Coordinates email to them. Guests to future meetings will be expected to pay a guest fee. Guests will not be permitted to access any recording of this meeting.

For those of you who want a ‘How To Zoom’ refresher, we will play the Zoom instructions video at 6:45.

If you need assistance to join the meeting, please contact one of the following people:

  • if you are a MAC (or i-pad or i-phone) user, please contact Chriss C. if you are a PC user, please contract Sandra Y.

At our meeting we will:

  • Hear about the amazing art of our speaker, Andrea Tsang Jackson, of Halifax
  • Have a run-down of all that’s happening with Community Quilting
  • Learn about what’s happening with the 2019/2020 President’s Challenge
  • Learn about our upcoming speakers and workshops
  • See what our members have been working on, in Show and Share
  • Have an opportunity to speak to fellow members in break out rooms at the end of the meeting.

If you can’t attend the meeting, it will be recorded, and the link will be sent to you a day or two after the meeting.

Please send in photos of your Show and Share items to! The deadline for submissions is Monday, September 14 at noon.

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