Great ending to a great year!

The May meeting closes out a great year for York Heritage Guild, with thanks to the old executive and in with the new, photo below.

Then the guild viewed and voted on the quilts from the President’s Challenge. Armed with fabric donated by Rosemary Hamelin’s family, guild members made quilts inspired by Rosemary’s life- geologist, mother, world traveller and quilter. Such a great display made choosing a favourite very difficult. Here are all the quilts that were entered in this challenge:

Then the viewer’s choice quilts were announced- Jan McGoey won in the large quilt category,  Carole Tullis won in the wall quilt category for her whimsical bird, and Wendy Dines won for the backpack she made. Congratulations to the winners, and all those who entered!

And the winner of President’s Choice is Marilyn Barker, with her quilt Masai Welcome.

Here are the lucky winners of the kimonos with their prizes:

The big reveal of next year’s lineup of speakers and workshops happened near the end of the meeting, and there was a frenzy of people getting their names on the sign up list for early registration. Looks like next year promises to be a great one!


Thanks for a great year, and see you all in September!

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Too Funny!

If you were not at April’s meeting, you missed a great time. Cynthia England gave a very funny and entertaining talk entitled “Why Did I Buy This Ugly Fabric?”. Then she showed samples of her ugly fabrics (skeletons, ghosts, vampires, etc etc), how she organizes and stores them, and how she incorporates them into her quilts. A truly entertaining presentation!

She also displayed one of her stunning art quilts so we could see other aspects of her work, and several of the quilts made from the kits she sells.

Here are a few photos from the presentation:

Ann Sutherland was quilter of the month, and she showed quilts she had made for a group of aboriginal children graduating kindergarten.

We had quite a number of Show and Share quilts this month too!

Finally, don’t forget to bring your quilt for the President’s Challenge next month!

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March meeting Highlights

We had a full night of quilts at our March meeting, with lots of fun things happening.

Donnaleen reminded us to let her know if you are entering the President’s Challenge (fabric from Rosemary Hamelin’s stash, due at our May meeting!) – and the size of your quilt, estimates are OK.  Valerie gave a brief history of Quilts at the Creek, and there will be volunteer sign-ups, quilt applications and workshop sign ups at the Q@C table at our April and May meetings. She also gave examples of what a challenge quilt could look like, if you choose to enter this.

Wendy Dines reminded us that Community Quilts is hoping to get back some of the quilts (and the pins…) that have been taken to be quilted. There are a few more waiting to be quilted too. And of course there was luscious fabric from Hyggeligt Fabrics to drool over!

We had lots of great quilts in our Show-and-Share session:

Our speaker for the evening was Bethanne Nemesh who entertained us with her journey to find her personal quilting style, and amazed us with her artistic and technical abilities. What great quilts! To see better details of her work, check out her website here.

See you next month!

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February blues.. and reds, and yellow, and white, and…

This was a members workshop month, complete with those yummy cookies! The room was abuzz with mini-workshops, hand quilting, and LOTS of socializing, not to mention yummy fabric from Country Clothesline to purchase.

Here are some snapshots from the evening:


The May meeting is when your quilts from Rosemary Hamlin’s stash are due.. how is your quilt progressing? Details can be found on our Display and Competition page..

Thanks to all guild members who cotributed Last month:

  • a quilted sandwich, on a long arm machine by Erica Ray & Kathy Schofield
  • a finished baby quilt by Jean Hiivala and
  • two baby quilts and a quilt top left without identification
  • top from a CQ kit assembled by Ashley Power.

Last month, CQ was challenged to find meeting space that also included some storage. Charlene suggested we look at the East York Community Centre. Within ten days, a large room with some storage was secured!!! How gratifying that value is placed on the continuing assembly of quilts for those in need and at no cost to the guild.

EYCC is located at 1081 Pape Ave, just south of O’Connor Drive. We will meet on Tuesdays, starting from 11:15am to 4 pm.

The format for the CQ meetings at EYCC continues as previously: CQ projects one Tuesday and one’s own work on alternate weeks. A schedule, of sorts, has begun with weekly emails to participants notifying them of the project for the upcoming Tuesday. All of the fabric, batting and assembled quilt top inventory is, by necessity being stored in various members’ households. However, storage of sewing machines, mats and the day to day paraphernalia necessary to quilting is in a locked storage closet adjacent to the meeting room.

For members who would like to join us, please contact Wendy Dines to register.

A number of people have chosen to continue to meet Mondays at Stan Wadlow alternating between CQ work and their own project. Note that ALL the items necessary to work on your project needs to be brought to the centre every week.

What was initially a trying situation has become a win-win situation because the opportunity to join CQ is now open to the membership and, with a choice of day and place.


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Brrrrrr.. it’s January!

It may be cold and snowy outside, but at our January guild meeting it was abuzz. SAQA quilts on display, fabric for sale, stimulating talk by Elaine Theriault- lots to see and do.. For photos from the evening, click here.

To see our latest newsletter (February 2018, click here.

Community Quilting has been fortunate to have the use of the room at Stan Wadlow Community Centre as well as storage for the necessary items such as fabric, batting, sewing machines and many sundry items. The City of Toronto Parks and Recreation is now renovating the building and plans eliminate this storage space.

We will continue to meet at Stan Wadlow. We will be organizing ourselves so that the necessities for quilting will be stored at volunteers’ homes and transported when specific items are required.

At this time, a search has been started to find a new location that has both a workroom and storage facilities. Suggestions from the membership would be much appreciated. Contact Wendy Dines for details of the requirements for a ‘new home’.

Our guild members have been busy completing quilts for  Community Quilting. A big ‘Thank You’ for the time and effort all of you have made in the creation of these beautiful quilts for people facing challenging situations.

Completed from CQ sandwiches or pieced tops:
Kathy and Erika (2), Sandra Barrett, Robert Gutcher (2), Kirsten Johnston, Helgard Koch, Martha Huffman, Cherie Leung  (4), Peter Byrne (own batting & backing),  Sylvia Rochetti, and Sylvia Peace

Completed quilts from their own stash:
Joan Lester, Phoebe Visser (4), Mary Hallam. Anne Coukell

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Out and About

There is a small re-design to our York Heritage Quilters Guild site… this front page will feature news from our guild, as well as articles online that might be of interest. Got a site you’d like to share? Email Valerie Prideaux with your suggestions. For highlights from previous quilt guild meetings, click on the Meeting Highlights in the header at the top of the web page.

The number of items that are given in at the Community Quilting table continues to astound. Despite the guild show in November, a total of 30-32 tops, quilted sandwiches and completed quilts were received. A huge THANK YOU to the following:

Completed quilts from their own stash:
Bev Newton (3) ; Phoebe Visser (5); Helen Fujiki (2); Joan Lester (2)

Completed quilt or quilted sandwich from CQ Kits:
Ana Gandolfi; Heather Black; Chris Trottier; Nancy Kee; Sheila Bieman; Helgard Koch; Val Wilson (2); Mary Ramsay; Janice McBride; Joy Takahashi; Erica Rao & Kathy Schofield together

Pieced tops from own stash:
Ann Hawkins (2)

Pieced tops from CQ kits:
Bev Moffett; Linda Hales; Margaret Whitehead; Helgard Koch; Linda Robitaille

Comfort Quilt Distribution:
HQG continues to support newcomers to Canada

A family of 5 children (age 12 to 19) from the Philippines joined their mother here in Toronto. Smiles & hugs all around when they were presented with a quilt for each family member, including Mom.

A Syrian family that is being sponsored by Fairlawn United Church arrives in Toronto in the third week of December and will find their beds adorned with 5 beautiful quilts (see photos).

Ten comfort quilts were given to the Hazel Burns Hospice – this organization was brought to my attention by Kathy Campbell, a CQ volunteer at Stan Wadlow.

Twenty quilts were delivered by Anne McLaughlin to Sojourn House whose mission statement is “To provide a safe place and create an inclusive environment where refugees are supported and empowered to pursue a life in Canada.

And, for the fourth year in a row, CQ gave two sets of three quilts (an adult, a child’s & a baby) to Sistering, a wonderful organization that offers support, care, meals and a safe haven for women & children in downtown Toronto. Each year they host two Holiday Parties at which donated items including quilts from YH are given out in a “free raffle”. Their executive director has told us that the quilts are highly prized by the recipients.

Thanks to Judy Messenger, Jane Cramer and Jacinta Bennell (who made two of the six) who gave generously of their time, talent and materials to make these quilts.

Any member interested in making a quilt for this project is asked to contact Wendy Dines, CQ facilitator.

Auction Quilt Distribution:

The following charities and not-for-profit organizations received a quilt to assist in their fundraising:

Assaulted Women’s Helpline, Breast Cancer Support Fund, Mom to Mom Africa, Macroglobulinemia Foundation of Canada, Humewood House, St Clare Inn, Toronto Intergenerational Partnership (TIGP) and the Catholic Women’s League.

Some of these organizations reached out to us to secure a donation. However, most recipient organizations came to our attention because a guild member approached the committee asking for a quilt donation. If you are a member of a not for profit organization which works in the area of supporting women, children and families, please contact Wendy Dines, CQ facilitator to see if your organization meets the Guild’s parameters for just such a donation.

We recently received a letter from Jaime Spitzer of the Assaulted Women’s Helpline, who had received a quilt from Community Quilts:

“Our 14th annual helpline gala was held on Friday November 17th, we are still tallying up the final numbers for everything, but we are very happy about the turnout.

We decided in order to maximize the proceeds from your beautiful quilt, we used it in a raffle in which we ended up raising $458.00!!

We are thrilled that the quilt brought in that much money, and we cannot thank the York Heritage Quilt Guild for their generous donation!”

Fabric is something all quilters hold dear to their hearts. Stitched in Color has an article that compares the various brands of solid fabrics out there. The author also talks about where the fabrics are manufactured, how they handle, and more. Interesting stuff!

Quilting by Prisoners? Why not? ? Tracey Chevalier has written a book called The Sleep Quilt. The quilt is made from blocks made by prisoners, on the theme of sleep.  “It sounds crazy to say that sewing can help people, but it is actually very therapeutic and calming,” says Chevalier. “And it’s an opportunity for these guys to make something beautiful and be praised for it and paid for it. She worked with Fine Cell Work, a group that teaches needlework to prisoners and pays them for the work they do. She ran a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to publish the book.

And last but not least, Pantone has announced their colour of the year: Ultra Violet (ie, purple!)

Happy quilting, see you January 16th 2018!

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Time to Get Inspired!

Now that you are in recovery mode, think about trying something new! Libs Elliott will be teaching at YHQG next week, and there is still time to sign up- email today. Your email will be directed to the right place! Libs classes are:

Rebel Quilt (Tuesday Nov 21)

Controlled Randomness (1/2 day: morning Wednesday Nov 22)
and The Wicked Hex Mini (1/2 day, afternoon Wednesday Nov 22)


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Wow! What a Show!!

I’m sure you were all as impressed as I was with the organization of our Celebration of Quilts, the great choice of vendors, and THE QUILTS!

To see photos from the show click on the link below. Sorry in advance for the quality of some, the show layout made it impossible to get some “straight on” photos, especially the larger quilts.

Celebration of Quilts XIII
Once there, you can view this as a slide show.

If there is a photo you want to download, click on that image, and go to bottom right. Click on the arrow (2nd to last) to choose the size of file you would like to download.

Winners of raffle quilts and Loonie Sale coming soon!

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A Celebration of Quilts starts tomorrow!

The quilts have arrived, and so it begins!

Here is Jane at her command post, patiently answering all questions and directing volunteers.

Meanwhile, the hanging has begun in the main hall:

And some areas are already done:

And here is one VERY important place to check out- Marche 59.

See you soon!

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One Week until Showtime!

This will be busy week ahead for all those volunteering at A Celebration of Quilts XIII. Quilts will be dropped off between 9 am and noon on Thursday November 9th. Meanwhile quilt racks are being set up and placed throughout the facility, and then the hanging of quilts begins.  No one goes home until we are all happy with the layout!

When you arrive to see the show, you will find the sales ticket table and volunteer sign in desk, as well as a display of our Raffle Quilts. A special shout out to Bev Sturgeon for navigating the system to get our raffle license! Buy your raffle tickets when you arrive, then proceed to the Loonie Sale area, also in the front lobby. There will be a wide selection of items so buy lots of tickets and drop them into the bags for the items you want to take home with you. More tickets = more chances to win!

When you have spent time studying the quilts at this year’s show, take a break! Marche 59 is located on the second floor, and will be enticing you with a selection of food and drink. Then remember to visit Shop at the Guild, located in the Studio Space on the second floor. There will be a wide range of items for sale, all made by YHQG members. Come see what they have been up to! To make your shopping easier, we now accept cash, debit and credit cards on all purchases.

And a special thanks to Quincy’s Quilting from Leduc Alberta for a very generous donation of fabric. Their booth was directly behind us at CreativFestival last week, and some of their fabric fell off the back of the table into our booth- so that is how we met! This fabric will be part of the Loonie Sale in the Front Lobby.

Remember to tell all your friends about this show.. it only happens every three years, and is always filled with quilts that will amaze and inspire.

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