Speakers and Workshops

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2022/2023 Programme and Workshops

LECTURE: September 20th VictoriaCarleytextiles.com

Victoria Carley – My Work: Inspiration and Technique (Toronto)

Victoria Carley will share her unique approach to textile art which combines the tradition of patchwork quilt making with abstract expressionism. She works directly from her title and her selection of fabric, without preliminary drawings, which allows her to freely consider the emotions and stories that inspire her work.

Victoria’s work has been shown within the curatorial context of visual art, textiles, art quilts, and fine crafts

LECTURE: October 18th QuiltsbyJen.ca

Jennifer Houlden – Creating Contrast in your Quilts (Muskoka)

This trunk show explores the effective use of contrast to create dimension, movement and visual harmony while supporting the initial attraction of colour in great quilt design.

Jen also talks about the many different ways and techniques that can be used to create contrast and achieve that WOW factor we are looking for in our work.

WORKSHOP Wednesday October 19. IN PERSON

Jen Houldon: Icons in the Landscape. QuiltsbyJen.ca

Transform an icon into an amazing art quilt using a variety of fabrics and techniques. Many icons are seen on the landscape that surround us. Work with traditional fabrics such as cotton and batiks or be adventurous and try out non traditional fabrics such as silk, upholstery fabric and other fabrics with interesting textures to create these great icons.

  • Time: 9 – 3:30 including 30 minutes for lunch
  • PLUS Prep meeting* Wednesday October 12, 7:00 PM – Jen will help you select fabrics and get ready for the workshop (Zoom)
  • Skill Level: All
  • Pick 1 of 4 patterns (included in the price) – other patterns are available for purchase

*Only available to paid students. Will be recorded to be shared by any late enrollees

WORKSHOP Saturday October 22 and Sunday October 23 ZOOM

Jen Houldon: Mini Bargello Sunflower

No need to worry about perfect precision – it’s just going to be cut up!

In this class we will explore the world of colour to create a colour run using light, medium and dark valued fabrics. Working with colour runs and strip sets, you will create a Bargello run for the appliqué pieces rather than using just one piece of fabric for the appliqué Learn how to finish off the flower and add detail to each petal by using the technique of free motion zigzag.

  • Time: 9 – noon each day (two morning sessions)
  • Skill Level: All

LECTURE: November 15th LaQuiltingCoach.ca

Marie-Claire Charette – Picking up the Thread between Quilting and Coaching (Ottawa)

Marie-Claire Charette a.k.a. La Quilting Coach, has spent most of her professional career to assist managers and executives develop their leadership skills. Now semi-retired, Marie-Claire invests more time in her other passion which is sharing her love of quilting. What she has discovered is that her two passions complement each other. In her opinion, quilting can be more than a quilt on a bed but a path to self discovery, building strong relationships and even healing.

WORKSHOP Wednesday November 16 IN PERSON

Marie-Claire Charette: Collage (Hip Hop by Laura Heine)

The possibilities are endless with Laura Heine’s novel patterns of collage. This an easy technique to learn that gives stunning results and it is a fun way to use your stash. Get ready with a pair of scissors to do decoupage and let the fun begin!

  • Time: 10 AM – 4 PM
  • Students must purchase the pattern and bring it to class (approx. $28)
  • Skill level: All

Won 2nd Place – Wall Hanging – at Common Threads Quilt Guild “Stories in Stitches” Quilt Show May 22 in Ottawa

WORKSHOP Saturday November 19 and 26 ZOOM

Marie-Claire Charette: 7 Quilt As You Go Techniques

It is hard to squeeze in a big quilt through the opening of a sewing machine but you can quilt it section by section and then assemble your quilt.

In this workshop, you will learn the advantages of each of 7 QAYG techniques, how to choose the best technique to achieve the result you want, how to adapt a regular pattern into a QAYG and get stunning results.

At the end of the workshop you will have made a sample of each of the techniques so that you can make a binder for future reference.

  • Time: 9-noon (two half day sessions)
  • Skill Level: All

LECTURE: February 21st ZOOM

Linda and Carl Sullivan – Tips for Precision Piecing Colourwerx.com

Stop being frustrated by your inaccurate 1/4″ seam allowance or struggling to finish your pieced blocks to the correct size. In this one hour lecture Linda shares her best tips and tricks for fabric preparation, setting your machine up for stitching success, perfect pressing practices, favourite thread/needle choices and most importantly, tools and techniques for fine tuning and achieving your best 1/4″ seam allowance.

A true believer that most of our ‘piecing issues’ can also be overcome while creating the quilt, she’ll also demonstrate how to work your way through inaccurate seam allowances, persnickety seam intersections and a variety of other ‘potential piecing hazards’ to achieve beautiful results!

WORKSHOP Saturday February 25 ZOOM

Linda Sullivan – Colourbugs + Curves

Two techniques in one workshop in part one, Linda will guide students through her liberating and fancy free slash ‘n sew improv technique while making cute colour bug blocks – no 1/4″ seams to follow, no rules and stress free piecing. Next in part two, she’ll guide students through sewing perfect curves with her handy tips and tricks – after a few practice blocks, students are guaranteed to conquer their fear of sewing curves with no tears. Both techniques come together in one workshop while working on this cute ladybug quilt!

  • Time: 9:30 – 3:30
  • Pattern – included, will be shared a week beforehand
  • Skill Level: All

WORKSHOP Tuesday February 28 ZOOM

Linda Sullivan – Strippin’ + Stitching’ with Paint Box

Easy strip piecing and triangles combined with Linda’s tips and tricks allow students a stress free project to perfect their 1/4″ seam and cut the triangle shapes while making this fun and exiting new strip quilt. Additionally pulling together the supplies for this workshop couldn’t be easier: just one 2 1/2″ strip roll plus two 1- yard cuts of coordinating fabric is all that is needed for this 48″ x 48″ quilt!

  • Time: 9:30 -3:30
  • Pattern – included and will be shared a week before
  • Skill Level: All

LECTURE: March 21st ZOOM

Valerie Goodwin – Mapping Narratives using Fabric ValerieGoodwinArt.com

A map is an abstract conception of a place. The person who makes the map has to make choices about what to include as well as what to leave out. Each map is thus a reflection of its maker and the story they want to tell. This lecture is about how Valerie uses maps to tell the story of a place using fabric, paint and thread.

The focus will be on three maps:

  • Personal Narrative Maps
  • Fictional Map Narratives
  • Political/Sociological Narratives

WORKSHOP Tuesday March 28 ZOOM

Valerie Goodwin – Mapping Personal Places

This workshop is all about learning to make a simple stitched map of a place that is special to you – WHERE YOU LIVE. To make this map, you will use simple hand & machine stitches combined with silk organza, opaque fabric, and a bit of paint. The goal is to create a small fibre art map that is 8″ x 8″ to 11″ x 11″

Also covered, will be how to use the internet to find maps that will serve as your starting point. As we go along, you will see the potential of variations on the techniques I will teach you.

  • Time: 9:30 – 4:30
  • Some prep required, including sharing a map with Valerie in advance – sign up early!
  • Skill Level: All