Recipient Organizations

Comfort Quilts are donated to shelters, refugee organizations and not-for-profits that offer assistance to people in need. At this time there are 16 recipient organizations. Usually a donation of around 30 adult and 30 kids/baby quilts is made. So, an organization receives quilts from YH every two to three years, with some noted exceptions. The type of quilt is noted with and “A” for adult and “K” for kids/baby

The other type of quilts donated are auction quilts. Until recently, there have not been requests for fundraising auction quilts. Oasis Community Centre was given a quilt for an on-line auction scheduled for 12/21.


Anduhyan offers shelter and transition to the indigenous community. They strive to support indigenous women and children in their efforts to maintain their cultural identity, self esteem, economic, physical and spiritual well-being

Most recently they received 30 “A” and 20 “K” in September 2019

Ernestine’s Women’s

Ernestines strives to be inclusive by offering client centred services to children, your and women who have experienced and/or witnessed violence.

Received 30 “A” and 20 “K” in September 2019

Fred Victor Transitional

Transitional housing helps people who have histories of homelessness, addiction, or periods of incarceration – to find and keep a home

Received 17 “A” quilts in November 2019

Homes First

Homes come in many shapes and sizes but each is a safe, stable refuge. With a home, people can be part of a community, obtain ID, register for social services, and keep in touch with family and friends. With a home, people gain respect, dignity, and the ability to care for themselves and others. With a home, people can build a future. Everyone needs a home.

Received 12 “A” quilts in November 2019


Humewood House is a resource centre for young pregnant and parenting women. They offer shelter and transition for single moms. They have recently announced they are working together with Massey Centre and will continue to operate under the name Massey Centre (

Received 21 “A” and 24 “K” quilts in January 2021


Offer shelter and transition mostly to refugees. They provide all the basic necessities for the duration of their stay such as food, toiletries, emergency medicine, and baby supplies. They also have an accessible suite, to accommodate residents with special needs. It’s truly a warm and comfortable home.

Received 12 “A” and 18 “K” in May, 2019

Na-Me-Res is a safe space for Aboriginal men to learn new skills and live healthy lives on or off the streets.

Received 16 “A” quilts

Native Child & Family

Native Child and Family Services of Toronto strives to provide a life of quality, well-being, caring and healing for children and families in the Toronto Native Community.

Received 25 “A” and 27 “K” quilts in August 2019

Nellies Mission is to operate programs and services for women and children who have and are experiencing oppressions such as violence, poverty and homelessness.

Received 30 “A” quilts in October 2018

Noninna’s Table

Nonnina’s Table aims to support and foster the well being of individuals, families, and community groups by providing and encouraging both local and international opportunities for recreation, education, athletics, community participation and inclusive social interaction. They offer monthly community dinners and provide annual gift and food baskets to be distributed close to Christmas.

Received: CQ began donating in 2017 with 65 plus “K” quilts and collected personal care items from our membership.

Sistering is a multi-service agency for at-risk, socially isolated women and trans people in Toronto who are homeless or precariously housed. They offer community meals, counselling and transition services.

Received: CQ has been donating to Sistering since 2016. At Christmas two sets of Adult, kid and baby quilts are provided for a free raffle to be held at their Holiday Party.

28 “A” and 22 “K” quilts were donated in January 2020.


Coming from the most war-torn, poverty stricken countries around the world children, women and men will seek refuge at Sojourn House. Their shelter and transitional housing programs assist them with their integration into Canadian society. By offering shelter, safety and other essential services, Sojourn House is the helping hand and the umbrella of hope for refugees while they begin to rebuild a life in Toronto.

Received quilts in 2017

StreetHaven at the

Streethaven offers shelter for homeless women. In addition to emergency shelter they offer supportive housing, addition services and training services for women.

Received 30″A” and 20 “K” quilts


Women’s Habitat offers a safe, confidential location with all the services a woman needs to make a new life for herself and her children.

Received 30 “A” quilts

Roz’s Healing

DRHP provides emergency crisis and care to all those who identify as women, children, and youth emerging from abusive relationships. DRHP provides access to a safe living environment conducive to healing wellness. DRHP also provides Public education, Community outreach, and School programs. Services are provided through an integrative and holistic approach.

Received 30 “A” and 30 “K” quilts in 2018

Thunder Women Healing

Counselling and transition for Indigenous women recently released from incarceration.

Received 30 “A” quilts