Job Descriptions

Job Descriptions for Volunteers for the Quilt Show

Receiving Quilts
Quilt intake and registration:
Sit-down position
Document the quilt(s) received and provide receipt for the quilt
Quilt delivery to hanging area:
Fold the quilt and walk it to the hanging area

Hanging Quilts
Volunteers will be separated in groups of 4. Two people to hang the quilts from the ladder, and two people to hand the quilts to the people hanging the quilts.

Facilities & Vendors
The coordinator(s) will measure off and tape the vendor booth spaces the day before the show opens.
The volunteers on set-up day will be provided with a scheduled of expected arrival times of vendors, their locations, those who need to use the elevator, wifi passwords, carts that fit into the elevators, supervise elevator use (and assist so doors aren’t jammed).  Volunteers will accompany vendors to their assigned areas and ensure that the taped boundaries are respected and that their booths do not interfere with another vendor’s area.  Volunteers don’t move vendor’s equipment or assist in booth set-up.
The volunteers on show days, do regular rounds of vendors to provide bathroom breaks and (short) food breaks.  Volunteers will not be helping to sell merchandise or provide long breaks.

Featured Artists:
These volunteers should be outgoing and be able to greet audience members and help get them seated and they may be called on to introduce the speakers and help with Q & A  after. They may also be asked to help with white glove duties and straightening up the chairs at the end of the session.  
Volunteer Desk Assistant:
One hour positions to check in the volunteers and provide them with instructions.

Front Door and Ticket Sales
Greet visitors as they come to the show.  Take advance tickets or collect payment for entry.  Give out show programs and viewers’ choice ballots.  Ensure proof of parking is given to customers and provide instructions to place on dash. This is a sit-down job!

Gift Shop
Assist in keeping displays tidy and stocked
Assist customers and answer questions
Operate square payment device (if trained to do so)
Assist shop co-ordinator to process sales by collecting inventory tag and bagging the merchandise

Toonie Sale
This is a sit-down position, behind a small table.
Need to be comfortable in handling cash and square (will be trained) for debit and credit.
Will distributing the tickets and record the purchaser’s information.
May be asked to help change prize lots on tables.
May be asked to hep pick winning numbers and list on white board.
Be prepared to wear a mask during your entire shift.

White Gloves Hosts
White gloves are picked-up at Volunteer Check-In desk. You are to circulate in the show and offer to show people the back of a quilt or hold it up so someone can inspect it closely and monitor the room. Please discourage handling quilts without gloves, as only the White Gloves Hosts will have gloves. One White Glove Host will be at the door at all times to monitor hand stamps and to remind people not to touch the quilts. 🙂

An extra person on hand who is willing to fill in where needed during the time of their shift. Must be flexible to do stand up, walking or sit down jobs.

Quilt Take Down
When the quilts are taken down at 5:00 they are taken to designated tables so that they can be returned to the members. In teams of 4, two people will be on ladders, and two will be folding quilts and carrying them to the dispersal table.

Quilt Dispersal
Seated position. Ensure quilts are properly folded, and carefully checking against the receipt, return the quilt to the correct guild member.

Quilter’s Journey Passport:
The purpose of the passports is to have attendees go to all the areas of the show, get stamps on their passports and then enter the completed passport into a drum/box for one or two daily draws depending on how many we receive from vendors/donation. These daily draws will replace Door Prizes.
The volunteers who will be stamping the passports at 7 different locations, and can also act as ambassadors, giving directions to various locations and events.

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