March Guild Meeting – March 16th at 7:00pm via Zoom

March has arrived, and it’s nearly time for our meeting! The meeting will take place on Tuesday, March 16, with virtual doors opening at 6:30. The meeting begins at 7:00.

The speaker for this evening is Sandra Johnson, whose topic is “Denim Quilt”. Sandra will take us through her quilting journey showing us over 20 quilts – many using repurposed denim clothes and fabric. Many of her quilts are hand quilted using her big stitch method.

We’ll also be practicing a new way to use breakout rooms, to prepare you all for the upcoming International Quilting Day event, on March 20th, and we’ll give you some more information about what will be going on that day. Make sure your Zoom account is up to date before Tuesday’s meeting!

Royal City Quilters Guild, our co-host for International Quilting Day, has produced a great new Zoom Instruction video. While it contains much of the information you already know about using Zoom as a participant, it also starts with instructions on how to update your Zoom account (you should do that at least once a month, right before any guild meetings you’re going to), and contains information about how to use the updated breakout room feature that we’ll be using on International Quilting Day. Here’s the link:

Watch Lindsay’s new tutorial including info on breakout rooms!

For more information about updating your Zoom account, click this link:

Update your Zoom client

Send in your Show and Share photos to and put “Show and Share – Submission from (your name)” in the subject line. We want to celebrate all of your work, whether you consider yourself to be an expert or not, so keep those photos coming in!

The zoom link has been emailed to all guild members.


About jmStitching

A love of stitching has been inherited from my mother and grandmother. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t have at least a couple of stitching projects underway. Whether it’s by hand or machine, there are always new projects I’d like to try or fibres I’d like to experiment with…and a few projects waiting to be finished!
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