YHQG Community Outreach

Our Guild is involved in charitable work through the donation of quilts that are raffled to raise money for charitable organizations, as well as donating comfort quilts to shelters across the GTA and other organizations involved in emergency relief.
The Community Quilt Workshop group organizes the January YHQG meeting each year, in which we work in teams to assemble blocks to be made into quilts which are then donated or sold. This group also encourages YOUR participation by preparing kits for you to piece a quilt top, for you to quilt a pre-assembled quilt sandwich, or for you to donate a completed quilt made from your own materials. Kits and sandwiches are available at the CQ table at each YHQG meeting.

Recent donations:

Sistering hosts two Holiday Parties for their clients and children.  This is the fourth year that YHQG has given them two sets of three quilts (adult, child & baby) that are given out by a free raffle.  They tell us that these quilts are prized by the recipients.

Quilts were made specifically for this donation by guild members Jacinta Bennell, Jane Cramer and Judy Messenger.  The baby quilts were from CQ kits that members pieced and quilted. Here is a look at some of the quilts our guild donated:

The AWHL (Assaulted Women’s Helpline) held its 14th annual helpline gala Friday November 17th   2017 and they were very happy with the turnout. To maximize the proceeds from a quilt donated by YHQG, they used it in a raffle which ended up raising $458.00!!
They told us:  “We are thrilled that the quilt brought in that much money, and we cannot thank the York Heritage Quilt Guild for their generous donation!”

In September 2017 our guild made a donation of 21 quilts to NaMeRes, a safe place for counselling and learning for men in the aboriginal community. Click here to see the thank-you email they sent.

In January 2017 YHQG donated 32 comfort quilts to Seven Oaks, a long-term care facility in Scarborough. Here is the thank-you they sent:

“I wanted to thank you and you members for the wonderful and very generous donation of the beautiful quilts. Our new residents are enjoying them as well we have displayed some on the walls of our 5 resident units and will be having quilt draws to raise money for resident programs.

On behalf of the residents of Seven Oaks we really cannot thank you enough.”

2015-2016 summary:

Guild members have been so generous with time, energy and supplies in creating quilts or using CQ kits and/or quilt sandwiches to make quilts to be donated….to Syrian newcomers, residents of Fort Mac or women in shelters. Bev Stevens has already started cutting new kits for members to piece for even more beautiful quilts for distribution next year!
The grand total for the quilt year 2016 is at least 68 quilts. The response by membership for quilts to be distributed to Syrian newcomers was remarkable. In April, it was announced that going forward, CQ would return to the usual distribution to shelters with about 30-35 held for further Syrian newcomers.

35 quilts were sent to Fort MacMurray via the Hobby Horse in Georgetown. This was just in time for the call for actual quilts (beyond the need for cash donations), when the residents were advised that the process for returning/rebuilding could start.

Here are some of the comfort quilts made recently by our guild members (click for larger view):

Community Outreach Weekly Meetings

A dedicated group of volunteers meet weekly on Mondays to coordinate the making of the quilts. These quilts are then donated to various charitable organizations across the GTA. The group meets on Mondays between the hours of 9:30am and 3:00pm at the Stan Wadlow Centre at 373 Cedarvale Avenue (map below).  At present, we are at capacity for volunteer space here. However, we would love your help!  Community Quilts has quilt top kits to be pieced and pre-sandwiched quilts to be quilted, and these are on offer at the CQ table at YHQG meetings. Take some home and work on them there… or you can donate a quilt made from your own materials if you wish. All sizes and styles welcome. Questions?Contact Wendy Dines for details.

Supplies to make the quilts come from bequests, individual members and businesses. Recently, CQ has made its extensive fabric stash available for purchase by the membership, and this fundraising initiative has been especially helpful with the purchase of batting.

Comfort quilts  are distributed to organizations that provide emergency shelter or temporary residential facilities. Women’s shelters, shelters for new immigrants, nursing homes and the Linus project have all been beneficiaries of YHQG comfort quilts.

Is your group interested in receiving a quilt? If you would like more information on how to apply for and receive a YHQG community quilt for your fundraising project, please contact Wendy Dines.

Stan Wadlow Centre

A couple of years ago, guild member Nancy Webster started a quilting outreach project at Sanctuary. Here is a photo of some of the participants hand stitching on a ‘4-boards/4-clamps’ frame. This is their third group quilt in such a short time. What a wonderful way to bring quilting to a wider audience.
YHQG-CQ Sanctuary