Past Workshops

Tuesday November 23, 2021 9:30am-3:30pm, Cheryl Arkison: Scraptastic!

Don’t throw away your little scraps! Those bits and pieces have excellent potential, this class will show you how to use every last scrap. Discusses sorting and storing, in addition to numerous exercises to truly embrace your scraps.

Saturday November 20, 2021 9:30am-4:30pm, Cheryl Arkison: Make words not war

Say what you want to say, but say it in a quilt. From simple holidays greetings to profound statements, use words in quilts to convey your message. This class covers planning and construction for any letter. This is an improv technique. Fabric selection and value are also discussed in the class.

Saturday October 23, 2021 9:30am-4:30pm, MJ Kinman Workshop: Bite Sized Gem Quilts

Using the design and piecing techniques MJ relies on to create her diamond portraits, students will create their own singularly beautiful work of faceted light.

Learn to create a freezer paper pattern based on  mock-up of a bite-sized gem provided by MJ, understand how fabric affects the flow of light and colour and assemble the fabric facets to create your own 18” square mini quilt.

  • Full day class
  • Skill level: confident beginner – advanced
  • $75 for members, $85 for guests

Saturday September 25, 2021 1-3pm, Mel Beach Workshop:  Mini Workshop – Design by Dice

Summer holidays may be behind us, but the fun isn’t over yet! Get your creative juices flowing  during this quilty play time with your stash and fellow guild members. As we move into fall, this mini workshop is sure to be just the thing to bring your sew-jo back and inspire new ideas for the cooler months spent at our machines ahead!

MBeach_Design By Dice

Add a playful twist of inspiration to your quilt designs through the use of dice! Mel will introduce how she uses dice to challenge herself and explore new design combinations in terms of color schemes, elements of art, design principles, block orientation, and quilting motifs. Then it will be our turn to roll the dice and play with these concepts through several hands-on exercises!

Workshop Wednesday May 19, 2021 9:30am-3:30:  Riffing on Tradition – Exploring Design Elements with Quilt Blocks

Using traditional quilt blocks as a foundation, explore new territory in making contemporary quilts. Learn how to take simple, traditional quilt blocks and blow them up, repeat them, distort them, and create fabulous new compositions.

Workshop Fee:  YHQG Guild Members $75, non-members $85

Workshop Saturday May 29, 2021, 9:30am-3:30:  Lines & Triangles = Squares

Be empowered to take the basic shapes of patchwork to a new level. Learn how to create improvisationally cut and pieced stripes. Then learn how to turn these “stripes” into traditional patchwork shapes.

Workshop Fee:  YHQG Guild Members $75, non-members $85

Workshop Saturday April 24, 2021, 9:30am to 3:30pm: Gail Garber – Asymmetry in Quilt Design

Create a unique twist on tradition!  Asymmetric design in stars, borders, and backgrounds using simple techniques.  6 Hour Drawing class:  no fabric required and no UFO to take home, just new designs for your tool kit.  A comprehensive how-to workbook and a foundation piecing demonstration will help you to understand these techniques.

Workshop Fee:  YHQG Guild Members $75 + $15 Workbook Fee, non-members $85 + $15 Workbook Fee.

Workshop Tuesday April 27, 2021 9:39am to 3:30pm: Gail Garber – Little Goose, Little Goose, Fly Away Home

Learn how to create this charming house block with a flying goose insert in a fun, one day class. The class is designed for students of all skill levels who wish to learn Gail’s creative design and piecing processes and techniques in a low stress, easy to finish class! Students will get an introduction to original design concepts and have detailed instruction in freezer paper piecing techniques and curved seam piecing

Workshop Fee:  YHQG Guild Members $75 + $25 Pattrn & Workbook Fee, non-members $85 + $25 Pattern & Workbook Fee.

Workshop Saturday March 27, 2021: Sandra Johnson – Re-Purposed Denim Into A Quilt

In this workshop participants will learn to deconstruct old denim jeans into new and beautiful quilts. During this workshop participants will learn how to save all those favorite pockets, zippers, grass stains, and rips to make them into a very warm and useful one-of-a kind quilt.

Workshop Fee:  YHQG Guild Members $75, non-members $85

On-Line Workshop Saturday Feb 20 and Sunday Feb. Feb 21, 2021: Cityscape Improv

In this class students will learn a new approach to deconstructing/improv strip piecing and create a late summer’s eve cityscape, including bright lights, dark skies and modern tower blocks, filling this quilt in a modern way with a new approach to quilting I call Overlay Quilting. 

Students will explore value, learn how to Improv strip-piece and build dark skies and modern tower blocks and will complete making their quilt top. In the afternoon students will learn several modern quilting motifs including grid work, matchstick and overlay quilting. This workshop provides a great space for exploring freedom of choice. All students are encouraged to work past the guidelines and create a one of a kind 18-inch square modern quilt.  Having the workshop over two days allow students more time for sewing.

Workshop Fee:  YHQG Guild Members $75 + $25 Kit Fee, non-members $85 + $25 Kit Fee.  Kits will be delivered or mailed to registrants before the class.  Kits are available in two colour choices – Blue/Teal (as above) or Grey/Tan (left).

On-Line Workshop November 21, 2020: Karen K. Stone – English Paper Piecing by Machine

Do you love but avoid the traditional one-patch? Handwork is wonderful, but let’s explore an innovative machine technique, useful for any pattern that would be English paper pieced, without compromising the integrity of the original. We begin with hexagons, then move quickly to a Sunburst star (like in the pictured quilt, simplified for class). You’ll enjoy having this in your bag of tricks!

Supply list: 10-15 fat quarters (or equivalent) from stash, some of which should read solid.

Workshop Fee:  YHQG Guild Members $75, non-members $85

Workshops scheduled for March, April, May, September and October 2020 were cancelled due to the COVID-19 Pandemic

In-person Workshop February 2020, Shirley Dawson – Wool Appliqué Pillow/Wall Hanging

Learn how to transfer patterns, use raw edge appliqué on rich felted wools and hand sew decorative stitches to add dimension, detail and contrast to your one-of-a-kind project. Kit fee: $25

Workshop November 19 and 20, 2019 Sandra Bruce: Material Matrix

This two-day class involves interpreting a gridded photograph with fabric. This process is different from other gridded photograph methods in that it involves piecing and a loose, representational style. Learn this technique, how to choose a good photo, colour, value, curved piecing and how to grid your own photos at home. All students will work on “Wake Up Cup” design in class. Supply fee: $5

Workshop November 21, 2019, Sandra Bruce – The ABC’s of Stitching Words

Learn how to create letterforms with your own sewing machine. Using free-motion stitching, explore and practice how to connect letters and arrange them to sign your quilts, create labels and/or create a special message within your quilt.

Workshops with Tamara Kate:

October 15, 2019 – Making a Traditional Block Modern

Many traditional quilt patterns have stood the test of time because they are based on strong, basic building blocks with simple construction. Learn tricks with colour, fabric choices and fresh placement to make these blocks into dynamic, fresh quilts that get you off the beaten track. Flying Geese Ruler fee: $19

October 16, 2019Colour, Value and Half-square Triangles

Learn how to use all those prints and/or solids in your scrap bin — and the basic half-square triangle block — to make a one of a kind quilt that is uniquely you.

October 17, 2019 – Embroidery for Today

Embracing traditional methods of hand embellishment in a modern way will add texture, colour and personality to a sampler stitched on one of Tamara’s printed, illustrated designs. Kit Fee: $6

Workshop September 2019, Jeannie Jenkins – English Paper Piecing Gone Wild

Jeannie will share her expertise as a professional paper piecer to teach various techniques for piecing hexies, English Paper Piecing style. Learn what works for you using her charming new pattern.

Workshops with Cindy Grisdela:

April 17, 2019 – Free Motion Machine Quilting

Students will learn a variety of stitch motifs to use with a regular sewing machine and add interesting texture, including spirals, pebbles, fans, seashells, and waves. We’ll use squares of felt to experiment with different stitching techniques and motifs.  Students must be comfortable using their machines and have the ability to lower the feed dogs.

April 17, 2019 – “Take the Fear out of Curved Piecing”

Make a modern Drunkard’s Path – style table runner with no pins and no matching seams. This technique also works for pillows and small wall hangings. Fabrics can be solids or patterned.

April 16, 2019 – “Focus on the Improv Block”

Make an Improv Block the center of your composition and add your own borders–maybe curved strips or asymmetrical open space–it’s completely up to you to make your quilt your own. This process can be adapted to any size quilt–use your imagination! We will discuss the improv block technique using scraps and different ways to set the block into an interesting design with border options. Colour choice and design principles will be explored, as well as quilting and finishing ideas.

Workshop March 19, 2019, Terry Aske – “Pet Portrait from a Photo”

Create a quilted pet portrait from your own photo, or use Terry’s Border Collie pattern. Participants will be able to get a good start on their pet portrait during a 1-day workshop.

Workshop March 20, 2019, Terry Aske – “Architectural Art Quilts from Photos”

Learn how to create a realistic pictorial quilt from your own photo of a building or other architectural structure. Participants will use their own full-size pattern from their own photo. The workshop will cover various techniques – freezer-paper templates, piecing, folded-edge appliqué and fused appliqué. We will discuss the importance of value in selecting fabrics. Participants should be able to leave the workshop with a planned and partially completed project.
Optional Pattern Preparation Fee: $20+

Workshop Nov 21, 2018: Bethany Garner – “Flat Dyeing to Quilt”

Whether you love deep darks or brights, you experience the fun of dyeing your own beautiful and original fabric for quilts! You will learn to dye “on the table and out of the container” which will be an exciting alternative to the messy and often unpredictable bags and dye pots. In this Full Day workshop, students will dye up to 10 half-metre pieces (up to 5 metres) of gorgeous multicoloured OMBRE 100% cotton fabric. This is an experience for everyone and not just the experienced dyer!
A student supplies fee includes the PROCION MX dyes and auxiliaries, a comprehensive handout package and many recipes to help you stir up a brilliant rainbow of multi-coloured fabrics. Supply Fee: $20

Workshop Nov 20, 2018: Bethany Garner – “Sea Garden Pouches”

Make a gorgeous, small collaged piece using fabric scraps — silks, cottons and maybe your hand-dyed fabrics, threads, in-class created paper beads etc. for the body of the piece.

You will then bead and embroider with threads, silk ribbons, metallic threads, etc., to create a one-of-a-kind piece. Machine stitching is welcome, but this piece can be totally hand sewn. Your finished piece can be a small bag or a wall hanging. Patterns for base bags, bag handles and your supplies list for the bag or your wall piece which can be framed will be included with the $15.00 supply fee.

Workshop Oct 16, 2018: Karen K. Buckley – “Bluebird of Happiness – Hand Appliqué”

You will learn a lot as you sew in this class.  You will learn how to make perfect points, perfect circles, perfect ovals, smooth curves, smooth stems, some hand embroidery and just for added fun…..a little reverse appliqué. The inside appliqué area is 14”x 14”.  With the additional black border area the piece finishes at 20” x 20”.
Pattern Plus Supplies Fee $20.00US

October 17, 2018: Karen K. Buckley – “Circles Squared Machine Appliqué

This is a really fun machine appliquéd wall quilt.  You will learn to make sharp points, smooth curves, perfect circles, straight and even stems and there is a little reverse appliqué for some added fun.  The technique taught is a prepared edge method using an invisible stitch.Pattern Plus Supplies Fee $30.00US