Special YHQG December Meeting Planning

At our November meeting, we announced that York Heritage Quilters Guild will be having a December Get-Together on Tuesday, December 15, at 7:00 p.m.. 

We’ve been working away at organizing this event, and need a few more members to help us create a fun evening. 

We are looking for 2 co-chairs to fill each of these two positions:

Activity Coordinator:  (two positions to fill) list of possible activities will be provided (we don’t want to give any hints right now as it will ruin the surprise).

Games Coordinator:  (one position to fill) list of possible games will be provided (we don’t want to give any hints right now as it will ruin the surprise).

There will be lots of support from the organizing team to help you plan your segments, and lots of suggestions will be provided.

We would also like to know if anyone is interested in helping to plan the event, but not hold a position on the Planning Committee.

The other positions on the Committee that are already filled are:
Games Coordinator: Deb L.
Chat Room Coordinator:  Shelley K.

Show and Share Coordinator:  Irena H.
Tech Coordinator:  Chriss C.
Prize Coordinator:  Anne McL.
General volunteers:  Jane S. 
Admitting: Shelley K.

The Planning Committee members will meet on Zoom this Thursday at 7:00 p.m. Invitations will be sent out to volunteers some time tomorrow or Thursday morning.

If you’re interested in volunteering, or have questions about particular positions, please contact France B. or Susan G. or email yhqg.president@gmail.com
Let’s make this an evening to remember!

France and Susan


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