YHQG Community Quilting

Bev Stevens has been working hard putting kits together for Community Quilting, and Wendy Dines has been driving around the City distributing them to a few of our drop off spots.

As you all know, the Community Quilting items completed by our members are gathered together and when we have a sufficient number, they are donated to one of the various shelters for women and children in the City. Before the pandemic, the shelters were full. Now, because of the pandemic and the difficulty of sheltering in place with a possibly abusive spouse, the shelters are feeling even more of a strain. Anything we (that is, you) can do will be of help to them.

There are two kinds of kits which Bev has prepared.

One is just a top, with the fabric and instructions for completion. If you pick up one of these and want to finish it, you can add your own batting, backing and binding to complete it. Alternatively, you can just put the top together and return it to one of our drop off locations.

The other kits consist of a top, batting and backing. These need to be sandwiched, quilted and bound.

Kits can be picked up only at the following drop off locations at this time. Please call or email ahead to ensure that someone is home for your pick up (or drop off).  Contact information can be found on your YHQG Membership List.

Wendy Dines – (near Avenue Road and Davisville)

Anne McLauchlan – (near Yonge & Lawrence)

Leslie Batt – (near Bathurst & Finch)

Donnaleen Vlossak – (near York Mills & Victoria Park)

These are the other drop off spots, for tops, quilts, blocks or Guild library books. There are currently no kits at these locations. Again, please call/email ahead before making a drop off, to ensure that someone is home.

Irena Hopper – (near St. Clair & Kingston Road)

Mical Pearlman – (near Dufferin & St. Clair)

Carline Oakley – (near Queen & Roncesvalles)

Thank you all for supporting our Community Quilting program!

See the July 2020 entry on the YHQG Community Outreach page for photos of quilts that have been recently donated.




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