Wow! What a Show!!

I’m sure you were all as impressed as I was with the organization of our Celebration of Quilts, the great choice of vendors, and THE QUILTS!

To see photos from the show click on the link below. Sorry in advance for the quality of some, the show layout made it impossible to get some “straight on” photos, especially the larger quilts.

Celebration of Quilts XIII
Once there, you can view this as a slide show.

If there is a photo you want to download, click on that image, and go to bottom right. Click on the arrow (2nd to last) to choose the size of file you would like to download.

Winners of raffle quilts and Loonie Sale coming soon!

About betweens

I am a quilter that loves to see the cyber quilters works and ideas. I have 1 kittie and 1 Chihuahua and work 1 FT and 2 PT jobs every spare minute that is left is quilting related. I love to wake up every morning knowing that I have my quilt room to play in
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