Shows Within a Show

OK, so I can feel the excitement in the air for A Celebration of Quilts XIII. Only two weeks left!! Of course the main show is the gorgeous crop of quilts from YHQG members at large. Because you can never see enough quilts, however, we will be hosting four shows within our show. These include:

Kiyomi Sakamoto sadly passed away earlier this year.  We will display a sampling of her quilting, fibre art and a few pieces of clothing which her family and friend have generously loaned to us.

Past Presidents Present … we have gathered a selection of quilts from our guild’s Past Presidents to display their talents and to honour and thank them for the countless hours they have spent working for the good of the guild.  Our guild began in 1980, and you will find entries from each decade. You will find quilts by:
Kay Phillips (1984 – 1986), Mary Lou Watson (1987 – 1989), Phyllis Purves (1991 – 1992), Mary Hallam (1992 – 1994), Fran Dunn (1999 – 2001), Sandy Smith (2001 – 2002), Kirsten Johnson (2004 – 2006), Janet Heise (2007 – 2009), Katie Pigeon (2009 – 2011), Bev Sturgeon (2011 – 2013),Jane Cramer (2013 – 2015), Laurissa Werhun (2015 – 2017)

Thanks everyone!

“The Betweens”  – This small quilt group was formed out of the Community Quilts around 10 years ago.  All 12 members belonged to YHQG and enjoyed working together on Community Quilts. Two members have moved away (Jill and Ann), but still attend when they are able.  Another two original members have passed on (Meg Gordon and Willie Smee) and are greatly missed.
This group is a lasting tribute to the value of friendship and a mutual love of quilting.

Front row from left:  Cora Westgate, Val Taylor, Anne-Louise Lanteigne, Helen Crooke, Willie Smee, Noreen Deeley.  Back row from left:  Janet Heise, Erica Ribiero, Jill Leslie, Meg Gordon, Marion Boucher, and Ann Sutherland.


Quilts of Valour – we are very pleased to welcome this group to our show to thank them for the work they do for our veterans and to help promote their organization.  It is especially fitting as we will be celebrating Remembrance Day at 11:00 am on Saturday, November 11 with taps followed by two minutes of silence.

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