What a Great November

Quick question:
Do you know anyone who can help repair a quilt? If yes, please email contact information to Rose at roseshapir@gmail.com. Thanks in advance!

Our November meeting was SO much fun.. First, each member of our executive showed an example of their work, (Click on first image for larger images in slideshow format).

Then we had Show and Tell:

Following our break to shop at the Christmas Marketplace, Mary Pal gave an overview of her procession from quilter to art quilter to quilt artist. (My apologies for the quality of the photos, they were taken from her slide show.) But even here you can see the artistry in her work, and several show the photo that inspired her work.

Our next meeting is January 17, 2017. See you there- remember, it is Community Quilts Night, so bring a coffee mug and a small sewing kit.

And don’t forget your UFO challenge: it must have been started before January 2016. Forms due at January meeting. Info and forms available HERE..

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