April 2016 meeting

Guest speaker: Lyric Kinard

Lyric Kinard is a textile artist who enchanted us all with a slide show emphasizing and illustrating the important elements of quilt design: texture, shape, line, colour and value. We also got a peek at some of her work.. here are a few photos from her presentation:

Flimsy Show

Guild members brought in their”flimsys”.. quilt tops that had been pieced, but never quilted. Each presented their work, and gave a sob story about why this piece had never been completed…

The top three were chosen by volume of applause, and the winners received a gift certificate  towards long-arm quilting of a quilt. These prizes were donated by Sandy Lindal, Jeannie Jenkins, and Joan Hug-Valeriote. And the winners were:
Lana Peck, Kim Workman, and Valerie Prideaux. Congratulations to everyone who entered! This was a really fun event, organized by Sandy Lindal, Display and Competitions. Thanks Sandy!

Show and Tell:

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