Welcome to a new year of quilting!

Welcome to our new website/blog.  We have moved to this platform because it is much more user-friendly, timely, and less expensive. We hope you enjoy your reading, and please be a little forgiving as we go through growing pains.

Here you will find regular updates of the most recent guild meeting and/or event. You will notice in the heading we have retained the categories from our old site. This is where you will click to get this year’s information about speakers, membership info, newsletters, etc. You will also notice that you can find contact information for YHQG executive there.

If you look to your right you will see Locations. If you click on Community Quilting, you will see a map with the Stan Wadlow Community Centre highlighted. The Meetings/Workshops button shows the location of the Toronto Botanical Gardens, where our meetings and workshops are held.

We have a list of blogs to your right.. if you are a member of YHQG and have a blog or website and would like to be included on that list, email me – address below. We are always interested in hearing about your quilting accomplishments. If you have won an award or rosette for a quilt, or if you have been published (congratulations!) we’d love to share this with the rest of the guild through this blog.

You will find photos from each meeting: photos from the speaker will be found on this page, photos from the Quilter of the Month and Show-and-Tell will be here on the Quilter of the Month page.

If you have any comments/problems contact Valerie Prideaux at YHQG.webmaster@gmail.com

Our September Meeting: Maggie Butterfield Dickinson

Maggie gave a fascinating insight into her quilting experience and her life, and showed examples of her work – very inspiring! Below are photos from that evening, including several of her quilt backs made from fabric that she snow-dyed. Enjoy!


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